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About Me
By Lauren Posted in on October 20, 2018 0 Comments
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Hey! I’m Lauren, a writer living in the small town of Kerrville, TX.

(I say writer, because it’s a lot easier than explaining…

  • …that copywriting has nothing to do with protecting the rights and distribution of people’s work.
  • …how I make money by posting on Facebook and Twitter for people.
  • …what blogging is and how you can make money “just by writing about yourself.”
  • …that blogging does have a place in business.
  • …many other things that could just as easily be summed up by saying “Hi!

Of course, if they’re genuinely interested, I’ll absolutely go into detail about my work. (But let’s be honest, you don’t really want to sit there and talk about writing sales letters and ad copy.)

But enough about all that. Let’s make sure you’re in the right place.

If you want to talk to me about a job opportunity, contact me here or drop me a line on LinkedIn!

If you’re a blogger looking for resources on how to start your own blog, check out My Blogging Roadmap. I’m currently finishing up a course set to launch in January, but you can find some helpful resources there in the meantime.

Looking for gaming stuff? Check out Heart of the Cards, a business I help out with, co-owned by my husband and our super-awesome business partner.

And if you’re just here to figure out who I am, you’re in the right place! Feel free to stick around and check out my blog. I talk mostly on personal interests and hobbies here—gaming, crafts, wine, the occasional recipe, or post about one of my favorite local businesses…maybe an opinion piece or two.

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