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Things to Do in Kerrville When There's Nothing to Do
By Lauren Posted in Events on December 18, 2018 0 Comments
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Admittedly, if you’re not much into outdoor activities, bars, or banks, you might be at a loss of what to do. I hear all the time about the trips to San Antonio (where I still refuse to drive) and Austin (I’d sooner drive here) just to go hang out. Fortunately for those of us that prefer not to make a 1+ hour-long drive just for a trivia night, we’ve found some neat stuff around here.

Downtown Kerrville: Live Music, Trivia Nights, and More

Azul has excellent weekly $5 drink specials, like strawberry lemonade cocktails and mint sparklers.

On top of that, they have pretty regular live music performances and the occasional trivia night during the summer. They’re conveniently located downtown on Earl Garrett where we’ve recently gotten in a few new shops, like Boheme Nouveau and The Fairy Moon Emporium. So if you’re looking to make a day of it and haven’t been downtown in a while, check out some of the new additions!

You’ll also find that many of the shops host shopping events with complimentary drinks, special discounts, and raffles, so keep an eye out on Facebook pages like Downtown Kerrville and Keri Kropp for events in the area.

Pint & Plow Brewing Co.

Pint & Plow might be a decent place to eat and hang out, but (as listed on their menu) The Reason We’re All Here is…yes, the beverages.

Along with selling local wines, you’ll find a variety of beer crafted right here in Kerrville. Check out this page for a selection of Pint & Plow’s beer, as well as the inspiration behind each brew.

Coffee that Tastes Like…Well, Coffee

Before I finally bit the bullet and tried out PAX, I’d become accustomed to the mouthful of sugar people call coffee. (Not calling anyone in particular out, just tired of ordering things straight and getting them with a heaping cup of sugar poured in.)

Complete with pastries (and a taco place next door if you’re in the mood for something a bit more substantial), this is a great place to hang out (or to work, especially in the mornings when it’s not too crowded).

And I know “it tastes like coffee” isn’t the best compliment, but it really is good. I’ve only been here a few times, but I’ve never had an order go wrong. They also carry a lot of the blends they use, so you can take a bag of your favorite coffee home with you.

Kerrville Renaissance Festival

Kerrville has a what?

Yep! It’s a bit small, but a great start considering we haven’t really had anything like this in the area before. Kerrville Ren Fest has a variety of acts, music, activities, and vendors. This will only be their third (?) year, so I’ll be interested to see what they’ve added.

In 2019, they’ll have extended days of operation (Jan 25th – 27th, & Feb 2nd – 3rd), so you’ll have more time to check them out if you haven’t been able to make previous years. Here are some pictures from the last time we attended:

I may have a few favorite performers—I promise it wasn’t just because they had fire.

Free Art Friday

We have a fantastic community of local artists right here in Kerrville, many of which contribute paintings, sketches, photos, music albums, jewelry, and more to appreciators that might just need a little something nice to brighten their day.

You might find a trinket downtown or in someone’s favorite business marked with a little tag with info on the Free Art Friday group. Feel free to drop by and say hi and see what others have found!


We’ve seen aerial yoga and some other different things. Humbling Bloom is a local studio that deals with yoga, art, and massage.

We’ve had a few studios spring up recently, but this one, in particular, seems to have a lot of fun things going on pretty regularly. And something just sounds really awesome about a bunch of people getting together for yoga with glow sticks and body paint thrown in the mix.

Creative Classes & Workshops

Kerrville has tons of workshops run by artists and writers of all kinds—some local, some traveling from across the country. Some of been painting for 40+ years and others are just finding their passion.

Hill Country Honey posts frequent art/painting classes that you can reserve in advance. If you’re looking for something to do with friends, the kids, or even a birthday party, this could be a good opportunity to get in touch with your artistic side!

The Hill Country Arts Foundation, along with weekly open-studio figure drawing sessions, hosts other workshops for painting, writing, and other activities. Check out their events calendar here.

Kerrville Farmers Market

In the past, we’ve had a couple of different markets that offer complimentary food, beer on the tap, live music, and all your favorite goods from the surrounding area. Now, they host weekly markets (every Friday) at the A.C. Schreiner Home.

Check out their site for seasonal hours of operation and pictures from some of their vendors.

First Friday Wine Share

If wine’s more your thing, you’ll find a variety at the monthly wine shares and get the opportunity to meet new people, business contacts, artists, and friends alike.

They recommend bringing a bottle per two people (bring a friend!) or just bringing a bottle every other month. If you’ve just moved to Kerrville and are looking to learn more about the surrounding area, I highly recommend attending at least a couple of these!

For the more outdoors-y types...

Kerrville has a beautiful river trail and plenty of hiking/bike trails in the surrounding area. Closer to the summer, the parks have bike and kayak rentals in many areas along the river.

Even if you’re just looking for an easy walk, the River Trail goes behind lots of restaurants, lodging, and other places like the library, so there are plenty of pit stops along the way. They’ve been working on the paved walkway for quite a few years now and continue to expand along the river.

The Riverside Nature Center also hosts regular talks, workshops, and exhibits. They have a lot of awesome events for families, but it’s such a beautiful area even if you just want to get a closer look and learn more about local wildlife.

And if gaming is more your thing…

Here’s my shameless plug for our local gaming community. We’ve got an awesome little gaming shop out towards Ingram at Lime Creek Plaza.

Heart of the Cards is a local gaming and hobby shop that hosts frequent gaming tournaments and events—Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, Yu-gi-oh, board game nights, and more. We’ve got game nights going somewhere every day of the week.

We also partner up with local events like Schreiner PopCon, a yearly pop culture con hosted at the college that has a wide variety of events—movies, video and tabletop gaming, lightsaber training, and an awesome Star Wars-themed escape room. The first go was a huge success, so we’re looking forward to another awesome weekend on April 5th-7th!

There are tons of gaming meetups, both at businesses and in homes, but we encourage people to meet up publicly for at least a couple of sessions. Both our gaming store and the local library have spaces for D&D events. Just get in touch if you’re interested in organizing any gaming events, tabletop or otherwise! (Yeah, we do Pokemon GO, too….)

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