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Where'd the Blog Go? And Other Stuff I'm Doing
By Lauren Posted in Site Updates on August 29, 2018 0 Comments
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What started as a personal blog turned into answering endless questions from an email list about blogging and marketing. And while I do enjoy helping people out and covering those topics, it wasn’t something I wanted to associate with my personal blog.

So, I branched off into guest posting around the web and started a new site over at My Blogging Roadmap in early January. The content’s still there, just in the form of a site that’s more focused on informational resources. There’s also a beginner-focused course to go along with it.

Update: It’s done! I’ve opened it up to a few people who’ve expressed interest in the course. Now, I’m just waiting on some feedback with a launch slated for January. Thanks to everyone who helped out!

What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve got a few different projects and groups going on at the moment, but here are some of my main ones:

  • Heart of the Cards—A local gaming store my husband runs. We got everything together towards the end of April and are up and running!
  • My Blogging Roadmap—Resources for bloggers looking to monetize
  • Various photo shoots—gallery coming soon!
  • Kerrville WordPress Meetup—Teaching new members how to make the most of WordPress, while giving more experienced members a chance to share their knowledge
  • And some other local projects I’m super excited about and will hopefully be able to talk about soon!

Some of my favorite photoshoots have been with the Glam Bar, a local health & beauty store who does everything from cuts and colors to tanning and massages. They recently expanded and now have a beautiful boutique! (And a great team—everyone over there has been awesome.)

What Kind of Content You’ll See

Back to editorial and general interest/personal topics—new businesses and events around town, favorite products from the local arts/crafts community, and just hobbies in general.

While I greatly enjoy talking on topics like business and marketing, I miss having a general outlet and just connecting with other people that share similar interests.

I also plan to break out the camera a little more—while I primarily do product photos, I’ve found a portrait lens that I absolutely love. I’ll hopefully find some willing models to test it out soon!

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